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Last Update - December 2010 - I know, it's been ages since anything has been happening here. That's because everything will be moving to a new home sometime in the future. I've been working at getting that ready, with a robust search engine that works, with stuff categorized into different categories like soups, appetizers, etc. It will be seamless for people coming on over, the link will be the same, and I'll update this paragraph when it happens. Granted I started the move well over a year ago, but like a weight loss plan, you sometimes have a slump, and other times you get really motivated to get it taken care of. I've wanted to make the changes for many years once this collection passed 50 or so pages, and moving it to the google sites wiki structure will allow full index and searching, something I can't offer here.

The first picture is from December of 2004, a couple of weeks before we started. The second from summer of 2006, the wedding one from June of 2007, the next from September 2007, and the last one June 2008.  Pretty cool, huh?

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View the recipes on screen as web pages

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The history of these recipes What makes you have a weight loss recipe collection? Where do these recipes come from?
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As a reminder, please note that no claim is now or has ever been made that the recipes in this collection are part of any given diet plan.  Anybody who told you they were was making stuff up.  These are recipes that are usually lower in calories and fat than many recipes out there that may or may not fit into any given diet plan.  

I am no longer supporting the file in PDF format, sorry for those who used it, but the webpages are so much easier to use. The PDF files were way too large for people to use without running into issues.